does it work?

Keaps automated parking system is designed to be a reliable, space saving solution. The advantages of this newly developed system lie in the modulair and flexible construction.

In the future there will be more need for parking and the car will continue to be an extension of the living environment. The Keaps parking garage has more parking spaces per square meter with a total footprint of 180 square meters. Keaps basic system can keep up to 38 cars. Means eight cars per layer and six cars on ground floor with one entrance and one exit.

Because the parking garage is fully modular with a flexible construction, the parking garage can easily be expanded in height and width. Other systems consist of a lot of electronics. We do with as little as possible, because it makes it much more reliable.


Fascade cladding

The outside of the parking garage can be covered with plants and solar panels on the outside and thus fits perfectly into the future street scene.

Theft prevention

Keaps automated parking system gives the consumer a safe feeling.

As soon as you give the order to put the car in the parking garage, the doors close and no one can reach it. This not only serves safety, the cars no longer have to be driven through the parking garage. And that makes the system environmentally friendly.



Based on a parking lot of 228 cars.*

Our system ensures a 100 kg CO2 reduction per car.

  • Hydrocarbons 69.9 KG per year
  • CO 0.5 KG per year
  • NOX 36.6 KG per year
  • CO2 9382.2 KG per year
  • Fuel LTR 3994.6 per year
  • Tires dust particles 632.5 KG per year
  • Brake dust particles 63.2 KG per year

Keaps basic parking system provides 38 parking spots. This construction consists of five layers. One layer can store eight cars. The ground floor contains six parking spots and one entrance and one exit.

  • Width: 18 meter
  • Length: 18 meter
  • Height: Approx. 12 meter

Each parking spot platform is approx.

  • 5,5 meter length
  • 2,70 meter width
  • 2,40 meter height

Automated parking 


Other systems consist of a lot of electronics. We do with as little as possible, because it makes it much more reliable.

Space saving

Compared to other models in the market, we decided to build upward to save a lot of space and store more cars with less space.

Less damage

Because the system is fully automatic there is no chance of other cars causing damage to your cars. For example opening a door or backing up (parking accidents).